June 6-8, 2018 – Charleston, SC

June 6-8, 2018

Practical training for developers and enginerds

Jen Luker

Lead Software Engineer Formidable

Jen Luker is a Lead software engineer at Formidable, a BookBytes podcast co-host, and a member of the RxJS learning team. She has spent a majority of her decade-long career as a full-stack developer using PHP, JavaScript, and CSS, but has a particular fondness for front end technologies.

Jen trains others in ReactJS and accessibility, loves optimizing webpack builds, and codes apps in React Native. When she’s not finding solutions, learning new technologies, or reading, her spare time is spent spinning yarn from raw wool and knitting; she’s even been known to 3D print her own tools for the job.

Jen is also fascinated by all things space, enjoys vintage cars, and is always looking for good conversation.

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