June 6-8, 2018 – Charleston, SC

June 6-8, 2018

Practical training for developers and enginerds

Sarah Hudson

‎Senior UI Developer Cardinal Solutions

A native of Charlotte, NC, Sarah Hudson is a Senior UI Developer at Cardinal Solutions, which delivers full IT solutions to clients. She began her journey 8 years ago, pursuing a degree in Web Technologies with the intent of becoming a Web Designer. While in school, she discovered her passion for all things accessible and universally usable.

After graduating, she started out working in web design agencies and product development companies to design and develop websites, and has worked with both startups as well as corporations to develop products from sketch to launch.

In addition to attending the Tech Talent South bootcamp as a student, she’s also taught Intro to Web Design and Creation and tutored students, and continues working with the community through co-organizing Charlotte Front End Developers, speaking at meetups, and presenting at conferences.

Coding is basically her entire life, but when she’s not hacking, she’s writing fiction, playing synthesizer, or organizing events.

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